Kickstart your personal money journey of transformation, take control of your financial world and develop new personal and business financial management skills with Leah Goard.

In this simple yet deeply powerful course you will be guided not only to understand your financial numbers but you will unveil and SHIFT the money stories that are the driving force behind your financial success. 

You will DEFINE abundance and financial success on your terms and re-shape your relationship with money. 

Reclaim your power and embrace your true value by knowing your numbers. 

DESIGN your money road map and create your profit map to fuel true financial sustainability. 

And establish financial systems to keep you on track and ALIGN your habits and rituals to support the financial abundance and freedom you are working so hard to create.

What we cover:

  • Learn the powerful Define Design Align Method
  • Take stock of your current financial picture
  • Get crystal clear on financial success on your terms
  • Understand your relationship to money and the stories that are blocking your success
  • Learn the DDA SHIFT Method to empower you to change your stories once and for all.
  • Learn money strategies to reduce debt and increase your revenue.
  • Create your money road map that supports your financial priorities.
  • Learn and implement simple money systems to keep you on track.
  • Learn how to form effective new money habits and practical abundance practices.
  • Harness the power of measuring, savouring and celebration.

What’s included:

  • Module Workbooks
  • Money Road Map Template
  • Master Money Template Excel (Business and Personal Cashflow Templates, Profit Map, Debt Repayment, Monthly Checklist, Accounts List)
  • Money Land and Launch Template (Monthly Money Planner)
  • Exclusive SHIFT Method Training, MP3 and Worksheet
  • Video reviews of all templates
  • Recommended Resources: Financial Software, Expertise, Financial Education

Learn how money strategies and tools to kick start your real financial freedom.

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Leah  Goard
Leah Goard

About the instructor

A business strategist and lifestyle designer, serial entrepreneur, professional organizer and speaker, Leah Goard has intimately worked with hundreds of passionate entrepreneurs and individuals to help them reclaim their lives, create thriving businesses and freedom on their terms.

Through her company DEFINE DESIGN ALIGN, Leah teaches  proven methods that empower her clients to step into becoming the driving force in their lives and build their foundation in personal management, money, products, systems, branding and marketing.

Read more about her journey here.