Pricing for Artists with Dazed and Confucius

Don't know how to price your work? Maybe you have a price sheet but not sure if your prices are correct? Do you find pricing your work uncomfortable? 

Well we have a how-to guide on pricing best practices!

In these videos, we team up with artist consultant Pennylane Shen of Dazed and Confucius to share how she helps artists create their one pricing template. Pennylane gives a detailed guide through a pricing tool that you can personalize to create your own price sheet. You will be able to put aside the stress of worrying about pricing your work and have a tool you can use quickly and efficiently so you can focus on actually making art!! 

What we cover:

  • Why having a price list is essential in the artists toolbox.

  • A guided tour of a Excel pricing template that you can easily modify according to your own needs.

  • How to determine your prices regardless of if you've sold work in the past. 

  • Professional advice on how you can modify your prices depending on medium, the market, and other factors. 

Course Curriculum

Part 1 - Pricing for Emerging Artists

Learn how to price your work from the experts!

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Pennylane  Shen
Pennylane Shen
Artist Consultant

About the instructor

Since 2008, Pennylane has offered personalized consultations, group seminars and business development through Dazed and Confucius; assisting and advising visual artists in navigating the fine art industry. 

Pennylane holds a Master’s Degree in Visual Culture Theory from New York University. At Langara College and Thrive Art Studio Pennylane is responsible for creating and instructing courses on art marketing, conceptual photography, and visual culture. Pennylane has spent more than a decade in the commercial gallery scene in Canada.